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Roorkee is an important Indian city in the northern state of Uttarakhand. It is located nearly 200 kms from Delhi, the capital of India. Roorkee receives its significance from an important educational institution, IIT Roorkee which is the first engineering college in Asia for which it draws in a significant number of travellers for tourism and educational purposes. Roorkee can also be home to a of many nation's earliest army establishments along with also the headquarters of Bengal Engineering team because 1853, the Roorkee Cantonment. Like a consequence, a more substantial quantity of vacationers sail between the 2 cities over daily basis.

The journey between Delhi and Roorkee can be completed through a number of ways. Public transports like buses and trains operate daily between the cities providing a cheap way of travel between the two cities. However, for travellers traveling with a sizable amount of luggage as is the case in most trips, public transport can be a hassle because of the troublesome process of changing stations and rides. It is due to this that the most common method of travel between the two cities is private cabs. Private cabs offer the convenience of doorstep pick up and drop offs for travelers along with their luggage stored safely in the storage space that comes along with the taxis. One can Book Delhi to Roorkee cabs from many taxi companies that have their websites set up for the access of customers with just one click away.

Delhi Airport To Roorkee Cab

For travellers travelling from the Delhi airport to Roorkee, cab services can be availed from several taxi companies that have their stalls set up within the airport. These stalls remain open 24 hours a day for the service of customers, providing round-the-clock assistance to travellers willing to Book Delhi to Roorkee cabs. Cabs excel in their service when compared to public transport because of their wide variety of options that customers can choose from to best suit their travel needs. The requirements of a traveller regarding a ccab booking may vary from person to person depending on the nature of their trip. These trips may range from solo backpacking trips to family trips and from group journeys to business trips. Each nature of trip has certain requirements that can be enhanced with a cab booking that best suits its purpose.

Delhi To Roorkee Taxi Service

For travellers looking for a cheap economical ride, several Delhi to Roorkee Taxi Services provide the option of pocket friendly hatchbacks that don't leave a huge dent on the pocket while providing a decent travel experience while keeping comfort and convenience in mind. Family trips and group travels can be made convenient by booking a large vehicle like an SUV that provides extra seating room and enough space to accommodate all their luggage. The option for classic sedans provide travelers with extra storage space and wide legroom for added comfort in a journey. Some high Delhi to Roorkee Taxi Services provide the option for luxury cars that offer premium features in style and other entertainment facilities like movies and music to better suit the classiness of a business trip or to experience comfort of the highest levels in top tier vehicles.

Delhi to Roorkee Distance by Cab

In order to complete a trip on a Delhi to Roorkee cab it takes around 4 hours. The considerable distance of 190 kms can be a tedious journey therefore it is advisable to plan ahead and make the perfect booking by making the journey as easy and smooth as possible. A good research online to find a taxi that best fits your budget and preference can make a huge difference in bringing the best out of a trip.

Delhi To Roorkee Cab Fare

The fare for a Delhi to Roorkee cab is between 2500-4500 rupees depending on where you book your cab from. The fare may vary according to the size and type of vehicle in the booking with premium vehicles costing more in fare. Fares also may be subjected to availability of cabs which is affected by the time of the booking. Bookings during midnight hours(11 pm- 5am) means fewer vehicles in availability and hence a slight increase in cab fare.

Things To Know About Delhi And Roorkee


Roorkee being a popular destination also has its high season, during which more travellers commute between the two cities. During such a period, availability of vehicles may be limited which may cause an increase in cab fare. The time taken to complete a trip between Delhi and Roorkee may also be affected by the condition of traffic. Bad traffic is however a rare case during most of the trip as the two cities are well connected by a number of national highways like NH334 and NE3 and other routes like Upper Ganga canal Rd. These well facilitated networks of roads contribute to a smooth and fast trip between the two cities making a cab ride enjoyable and effortless. For a traveler to make the best of a trip, he/she needs to do a proper research on the taxi services and only choose a ride that best suits his preference.

FAQs About Delhi to Roorkee Cabs

  • Q: What are the advantages of online cab booking from GTC Cabs?

    A. Online cab booking not only helps you with best prices but also helps you with the convenience of paying through multiple payment options (like Debit Card, Credit Card, eWallets etc.). You can easily compare prices and choose various categories of cabs like Hatchback cars, Sedan and SUV.

  • Q: What is the Delhi to Roorkee cab/taxi fare?

    A. Delhi to Roorkee Innova fare is starting from 2250. For extra kms you have to pay at 10/km. Book Now

  • Q: What is the distance between Delhi to Roorkee by car?

    A. Total distance from Delhi to Roorkee by car is 189 Kms. Book Now

  • Q: Can I Book a one way cab from Delhi to Roorkee?

    A. Yes, You can book also book a one way cab from Delhi to Roorkee With GTC Cabs.

  • Q: Which is the most economical cab available in Delhi?

    A: Yes, The most economical cab available in Delhi at present is Sedan Cabs.Book Now