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Delhi To Haridwar Taxi

Delhi and Haridwar are separated by a distance of roughly 240 kms. Haridwar is located to the north of Delhi in the state of Uttarakhand. The city is famous as a significant holy place for followers of the Hindu religion as a center for hosting important religious events and serving as a gateway to several important places of worship. The annual “Kumbh Mela” is a famous religious event held in Haridwar and draws in millions of attendees each year. Haridwar is therefore a popular tourist destination for Indian and International tourists attracting a huge number of travellers every year.

Several Taxi Services operate between Delhi and Haridwar 24 hours in a day. Therefore, it isn’t a difficult task to find a taxi to travel to Haridwar from Delhi. Haridwar is a popular travel destination among Indian travellers due to its religious significance and many people from the Indian capital travel to Haridwar daily. The popularity of the destination draws in more operational taxi services. Haridwar can be reached from Delhi via a number of ways. Travellers have the option of choosing between a train journey or a bus journey with the bus taking a slightly shorter time to complete the trip. However, public transport can be a bit of a hindrance if a traveller is looking for comfort and convenience in a journey.

Therefore, taxis are a preferred choice of travel for many travellers. Taxis can be booked from a Delhi to Haridwar taxi service provider which can be accessed online or right from the premises of the Delhi airport. These taxi companies have their stalls set up in the airport and operate 24 hours in a day for easy access of the travellers. Several private taxis can also be availed from outside the airport but it is wiser to book taxis from a well-setup store in order to avoid scams and overcharging.

Taxi Services from Delhi to Haridwar

The taxi services inside the airport provide for a number of options regarding taxis varying in size and features to match the requirements of a traveller. These requirements may be subjective to the nature of the trip, be it a solo backpacking journey, a group trip, a religious tour, or a family trip. Keeping these in mind, Taxi Services from Delhi to Haridwar offer different taxis like economical hatchbacks for a pocket friendly solo ride, classic sedans to accommodate extra luggage and extra legroom for added comfort, huge SUVs that can accommodate a large group of travellers and their luggage with ease. Some taxi services also provide the option for luxury vehicles for added features with enhancements in comfort, style and entertainment options like movies and music. These kinds of options for travelers make taxis a preferred choice for travel for most travellers for the convenience of moving around with ease.

Car Rentals from Delhi to Haridwar

When it comes to “moving around with ease”, taxi rentals are a growing popularity among many travelers especially for ones travelling to Haridwar. Haridwar being a popular holy site for many tourists, has many places of interest that attracts travelers every year.It may be very problematic for one to reserve multiple cab rides on travel to these internet websites. It is therefore a preferred choice for many travellers to book a taxi on rent for personal use. Several high end taxi companies provide a Delhi to Haridwar Car Rental Service to meet the demands of passengers wishing to enjoy the privileges of a personal car while travelling. This negates the hassle of having to book multiple taxi rides to travel to different areas. Taxi rental services don’t compromise on options and features for the customers and provide a wide range of options, similar to booking a private taxi ride. Car rental services offer cars to their customers on an hourly basis or a daily basis so that a customer can book a rental based on his preferred time of usage. This is a convenient feature in cutting down the cost involved in getting a personal car while on a trip. Car Rentals from Delhi to Haridwar can be availed as an added option from the taxi companies that provide private taxis from their respective stalls.

Distance between Delhi and Haridwar?

The distance between Delhi and Haridwar is 240 kms which can vary depending on the route you take to reach Haridwar. There are three connecting roadways between the two cities namely NH334, NH709B or the Upper Ganga canal road. The time taken to cover this space is 45 hours. Enough period taken may vary based on this condition of the targeted site visitors during the trip.

Delhi to Haridwar Taxi Fare

An average cost of a Delhi to Haridwar taxi is between 2500-4000 rupees depending upon the size of the car. The cost of the booking may also be affected by the booking time as fares tend to be higher during midnight hours. Fares may also be subjected to availability of taxis during high season like during the time of Kumbh mela where the demand for taxis is immense. A proper planning and a foresight to book the right taxi to meet one's preferences is a crucial factor to make a journey from Delhi to Haridwar memorable.