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Taxi Service in Mumbai 

Did you know that Mumbai is the First most populated city in India? Also, it is the Biggest state. After speaking to my friends who are living in Mumbai, I came to know that a lot of people depend on taxi services in Mumbai. There are many taxi companies which are providing excellent service. However, if you want to save your time and money on taxi services then I would suggest you try out GTC Cabs for airport transfer.

How to Book a Taxi Service in Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the most happening cities in India. It has a lot of attractions and is also popular for its amazing food. If you are visiting this place for the first time, it is important that you get all the information about the city before booking your taxi service.

Here are some tips that will help you book the cheapest taxi service in Mumbai:

  1. Check out the taxi services website: There are many websites online where you can find different types of cabs available for hire. You can check out these websites and compare prices to check the cab rates in Mumbai per km along with services before booking your cab.
  2.  Contact them directly: Some websites may not be easy to use or might not have all the information about their services so it is better to contact them directly over the phone or email. You can discuss all your requirements with them and then book your cab accordingly.

Mumbai is a city that offers many incredible experiences. It is a city for both the young and the old. It is a hub for education, business, culture, and history. There are several places in and around Mumbai that will leave you mesmerized. The best way to explore this city is by booking a daily cab service in Hyderabad.

There are many ways one can book an outstation taxi Mumbai. You can book it online or you can call the cab operator directly over the phone.

Cabs From Mumbai

Cab from Mumbai 

Included kms & Extra fare                                              

Cab Price                                      


Mumbai to Mehsana Cabs

601 kms | 10 hr 48 mins (appx.)

601 kms included

Extra fare ₹15/km after 601 kms


onwards (+500 Other Charges)


Cheapest Price Guarantee 

Mumbai to Ambaji Cabs

697 kms | 12 hr 27 mins (appx.)

697 kms included

Extra fare ₹19/km after 697 kms


onwards (+308 Other Charges)


Cheapest Price Guarantee 

Mumbai to Mangaluru Cabs

896 kms | 16 hr 22 mins (appx.)

896 kms included

Extra fare ₹15/km after 896 kms


onwards (+390 Other Charges )


Cheapest Price Guarantee 


Book Cabs to Mumbai

Cab to Mumbai  

Included kms & Extra fare                                             

Cab Price                                       


Akola to Mumbai Cabs

572 kms | 9 hr 25 mins (appx.)

572 kms included

Extra fare ₹15/km after 572 kms



onwards  (+345 Charges Other)


Cheapest Price Guarantee 

Kota to Mumbai Cabs

927 kms | 17 hr 19 mins (appx.)

927 kms included

Extra fare ₹15/km after 927 kms


onwards (+437 Charges Other)


Cheapest Price Guarantee